COVID-19 Updates

When we started working with students, none of us knew that we would have to teach during a global pandemic. It has been challenging for all of us, but our members here in St. Paul have risen to the occasion, providing high quality public education to thousands of students in our community.

We know educators have a lot of questions about teaching during COVID-19. We built this FAQ to answer many of them. Find it here.

Keep reading for more information about about reopening in St. Paul Public School and keeping yourself and your students safe.

Hybrid Negotiations

Updated 10/16/20 at 2:30 p.m.

With the district moving into hybrid reopening, SPFE is committed to negotiating with SPPS to ensure educators, our students, and our community are safe and secure.

Negotiations are ongoing. SPFE President Nick Faber sent out the below email to members on October 7th. Find the full text below:

Today, SPFE officers along with Chief Steward Pete Grebner, Executive Board member Denise Young and past Vice President Erica Schatzlein met with district representatives to discuss transitioning into a hybrid model of learning and  presented a draft of our proposals for a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). 

Our proposals can be viewed in their entirety here. There are three main areas of concern we are focusing our negotiations around:

  1. Time — We are proposing ways to create more time in your day to prepare for the task of teaching both in person and distantly. Without additional preparation time, we risk our students not getting the support they need and educators burning out. We are also proposing the elimination of unnecessary meetings and requirements that distract from preparing and delivering quality instruction to our students.
  2. Communication — SPFE members have been clear that they want clearly articulated plans communicated to them in a timely manner. It is essential that educator voice is part of these plans. 
  3. Safety — SPFE members are nervous and uncertain about these transitions back into buildings. Having this MOA signed will give our educators peace of mind and reduce the number of educators leaving. 

We will keep you posted on how these negotiations are going. Please watch for additional updates in the coming days as we continue to work on these negotiations.

Bookmark this page. We will update it regularly with information. If you have any questions, reach out to your building steward or your organizer.

Reopening Information

Find SPPS’ reopening information here.

Find SPFE’s Classroom Safety Checklist here. Stewards and other members should use this information to make sure their work site is safe and prepared before reopening. Information about how to address safety issues in your building are also included.

NEA — our national affiliate — is tracking coronavirus information at schools across the country. If there is a COVID-19 case reported at your building, report it here. NEA is using this information to protect educators, students, and our communities from the unsafe reopening of our public schools.

Saint Paul Public Schools is also tracking COVID-19 cases. If there is a COVID case at your building, use the district’s form to report it.

Memoranda of Agreement

With the transition to distance learning in Spring 2019, SPFE and Saint Paul Public Schools have been negotiating about working conditions for educators. The agreed up on MOAs can be found below.

Find information about the Family First Coronavirus Response Act here.