1780 W 7th Street

SPFE Staff - Mike Asmus

271 Belvidere

Linda Egge, Michelle Fyle, Michelle Keleny, Martha Preston, Tressa Schendel, and Nancy Schultz - Mike Asmus

360 Colborne

Hannah Pierson - Kevin Manor

Adams Spanish Immersion Magnet

Brian Hodge-Rice, and Andrea Marcy - Kevin Manor

AGAPE High School

Diane Labovitch - Mike Asmus

American Indian Magnet

Julie Hutcheson-Downwind, Lacresia King, and Laurel Kuhner Berker - Mike Asmus

Battle Creek Elementary

SPFE Staff - Kevin Manor

Battle Creek Middle

Eric Jameson and Kitty Kramer - Kevin Manor

Belwin Outdoors Science Center

SPFE Staff - Mike Asmus

Ben E. Mays IB World School

Kammi O'Hara and Rachel Stohlmann - Kevin Manor

Boy's Totem Town

Pam Hoff - Kevin Manor

Bridge View

Christina Fleming and Becky Randall - Kevin Manor

Bruce F. Vento Elementary

Diane Giovanazzi and Carol Stramer - Kevin Manor

Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet

Nicolle Hren, Megann King-Abraham, and Grace Raymond - Kevin Manor

Care and Treatment Programs

Laure O'Keeffe - Mike Asmus

Central Senior High

Sammie Chapman, Joe Hesla, Karen Palmen, Kaye Peters, and Hannah Weber - Kevin Manor

Chelsea Heights Elementary

Thomas Altman and Katherine Shetka - Mike Asmus

Cherokee Heights Elementary

SPFE Staff - Kevin Manor

Como Park Elementary

Tim Prescott - Mike Asmus

Como Park Senior High

Robyn Asher, Traci Buckle, Deborah Hansmeier, and Peter Kvamme - Mike Asmus

Creative Arts Secondary School

Richard Anderson and Aaron Liebo - Kevin Manor

Crossroads Montessori and Science

Cassandra Heeringa - Mike Asmus

Crosswinds Center for Professional Development

Pete Grebner - Kevin Manor

Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus

David Mrozek - Kevin Manor

Discovery Club

Kimberly Engstrom, Diane Olson, and Dane Ryan - Mike Asmus

Eastern Heights Elementary

Mary Jeffers and Kent Sall - Mike Asmus

Expo for Excellence Elementary

Mark Mueller and Maura Tschida - Mike Asmus

Farnsworth Aerospace Lower

Julie Vasquez - Mike Asmus

Farnsworth Aerospace Upper

David Barrett, Joshua Kohn, and Richard Mack - Mike Asmus

Focus Beyond

Peggy Cobbins - Kevin Manor

Four Seasons A+

Deidra Holland and Andrew Sweetman - Kevin Manor

Frost Lake Elementary

Susan Arndt, Eric Larson and Travis Whiting - Mike Asmus

Galtier Elementary

SPFE Staff - Mike Asmus

Gordon Parks High School

Tom Davies - Mike Asmus

Groveland Park Elementary

Christine Solum - Mike Asmus

Hamline Elementary

Sheila Martin and Jim Schaldach - Mike Asmus

Harding Senior High

Beth Breen, Erika Huss, Shaun Parks, Gina Popa, Maetzin Saenz, Julia Shepherd, and Stacey Von Wald - Kevin Manor

Hazel Park Prep Academy

Nathaniel Johnson, Will Molter, and Rene Myers - Mike Asmus

Heights Community School

Shannon Erickson, Andrew Jackson, and Joni Joy - Kevin Manor

Highland Park Elementary

Colleen Kelley and Jessica Teske - Mike Asmus

Highland Park Middle School

Leah VanDassor and Jean Walker - Mike Asmus

Highland Park Senior High

Ursula Becker, Yonas Ghebregzi, John Martin, and Kari Rise - Mike Asmus

Highwood Hills Elementary

Leah Stern, Kim Hwang - Kevin Manor

Homecroft Early Learning

Susan Fridley and Alicia Runquist - Kevin Manor

Horace Mann Elementary

Sarah Bosch and Mark Lindskoog - Mike Asmus

Hubbs Center

DJ Dahl and Laura Temali - Kevin Manor

Humboldt Secondary School

Rachel Baker, Colleen Haugen, Corey Johnson, Daniel Liljedahl, Claudia Reeve, and Sue Snyder - Kevin Manor

Indian Education Program

SPFE Staff - Kevin Manor

Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion

SPFE Staff - Kevin Manor

Jackson Preparatory Elementary

Kendrick Lewis and Mary McCrossan - Mike Asmus

JJ Hill Montessori Magnet

Diedra Carlson and Jessica Kohanek - Kevin Manor

John A. Johnson Achievement Plus

Megan Ambrosius and Denise Jameson - Kevin Manor

Johnson Senior High

Lori Borgeson, Debbie Pluta, Jon Tufte, and Mary Voigt - Mike Asmus

Journey's Secondary School

Alan Ames - Kevin Manor

Juvenile Detention Center

Pam Hoff - Kevin Manor

LEAP High School

SPFE Staff - Mike Asmus

L'Etoile du Nord French Lower

Margaret Bolar Boly - Mike Asmus

L'Etoile du Nord French Upper

Nick Gasho and Hannah Geimer - Mike Asmus

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus: Linwood Campus

Mary Morgan and Nissa Ulven - Kevin Manor

Linwood Monroe Arts Plus: Monroe Campus

Sam Yelk - Kevin Manor

Maxfield Elementary

Anna Paron - Kevin Manor

Mississippi Creative Arts

Marissa Bongiovanni, Missy Harvang, and Jessica Lance - Kevin Manor

Murray Middle School

Janey Atchison, Alyssa DeMarco-Sundsmo, and Jeanne Hansen - Mike Asmus

Nokomis Montessori North

Gregory Williams and Leslie Young - Mike Asmus

Nokomis Montessori South

Liz Colwell and Kristie Zellmer - Mike Asmus

Obama Service Learning Elementary

Ann Arkell and Kristen Johnson - Kevin Manor

Open World Learning Community

Megan Hall, Damon Liberatore, and Rebecca Palmer - Kevin Manor

Parkway Montessori Middle

Corrine Gilbertson and Debra Walden - Mike Asmus

Phalen Lake Hmong Studies Mgnt

Stephanie Pignato and BethAnn Thompson - Mike Asmus

Ramsey Middle School

Elisabeth Fontana and Anna Schultz - Kevin Manor

Randolph Heights Elementary

Julie Ferguson and Colleen Pierson - Kevin Manor


SPFE Staff - Kevin Manor

Riverview School of Excellence

Sam Harvey-Carlson and Ana Miranda - Kevin Manor

School Psychologists

Charles Letendre - Mike Asmus

St. Anthony Park Elementary

Sheila Freeman and Nichola Phillips - Mike Asmus

St. Paul Music Academy

Catherine Musachio, Kristen Obermeyer, and Sasha Oderman-Karr - Kevin Manor

Student Placement Center

Shela Her - Kevin Manor

Washington Technology Magnet

Christina Becker, Diane Durnick, Thomas Koreltz, Cari Kremmin, Ross Mau, David Quosig, Valerie Rudderforth, and Alec Timmerman - Mike Asmus

Wellstone Elementary

Kathy Brazel and Annaka Larson - Mike Asmus