Professional Development

  • SPFT members take the Foundations II course offered in the summer of 2017.

  • SPFT members take the Foundations II course offered in the summer of 2017.

  • SPFT leaders take the Delivering Effective Professional Development course.

  • SPFT members attend a class offered at the union office in the summer.

NOTE: As part of their charge, the Professional Development Team is looking at the the content of SPFE's professional development offerings through an equity lens. Check PDExpress for updates.

The Saint Paul Federation of Educators believes that the most relevant and effective professional development is led by other educators. Moreover, educator-directed professional development encourages a climate of constant learning and growth in our schools and in our union.

Because of this, SPFE is proud to offer professional development that is research-based and entirely created and delivered by educators. All our courses are presented as an ongoing, reflective process, rather than a singular in-service event. Through these classes, we emphasize the practical application and implementation of instructional strategies.

We offer professional development courses for free to SPFE members, unless otherwise noted. SPFE members should register online through Saint Paul Public School’s PDExpress system.

Our current PD Coordinator is Fallon Henderson.

If you have any questions about SPFE’s professional development offerings please contact the Teaching and Learning Center at